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How do you easily lose holiday?
How do you easily lose holiday?
konradsenmelton4201 am 04.01.2019 um 23:03 (UTC)
 When Christmas comes, you seem to think horribly of the pounds that you will accumulate with or without your will. However, if you follow a few simple rules, you may have a surprise: not only will you keep it, but you will also lose weight without realizing it. Find out below how!
Make a plan

It's not easy to resist the temptation of goodies on the Christmas table, but you do not even have to eat them all. Choose only the favorite dishes you want and try to eat as small as possible. If it's easier for you, half the portion you usually eat, so your figure will not suffer. Avoid extra calories and suggest that you eat less than to get it.
Choose different meals

If you do not want to get fat, you even want to lose weight, choose to eat different kinds of foods, so the metabolism can burn calories faster. In addition, do not forget to put your food in a small dish to make the impression that you eat a lot and that you are no longer hungry.
Do not be hungry

If you're starving to keep yourself up for the Christmas meal, you make a big mistake. may be so hungry that you forget the measure and serve you all. To keep hunger under control, it's important to eat a little and often, and foods are high in protein and a healthy fat. Thus, you will be able to choose healthy foods that your stomach will accept more easily.
Chew the food well

When you eat, you do not have to whine and swallow whole pieces, because that's how you get fatter faster. Not to mention the digestive problems that you can have because of the hurried food. Considering the importance of the Christmas family meal, focus on conversations during the meal, which will ensure you a slow chewing and a long tasting. The more you chew your food, the more they will give you satiety, and you will not have to worry about the silhouette. Do not forget to have a glass of red wine after dinner to improve your digestion.

Weigh daily

To make sure your weight is optimal, you have to weigh each morning, before breakfast, even during your holiday. This is how you will know whether or not you have made food excesses or if you have succeeded in weakening in a short time.

Christmas holidays do not mean you have to eat and stay in bed, but on the contrary, you can have fun with family and friends. Choose outdoor walks, practice winter sports or whatever you enjoy, help you burn calories and stop thinking about the move.




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